Amanda Roberts

  • A 100% official Strictly Come Dancing novel, featuring the dancers, stars and judges you love!

  • Collaborations that integrate diverse perspectives are critical to addressing many of our complex scientific and societal problems. Yet those engaged in cross-disciplinary team science often face institutional barriers and collaborative challenges.  Strategies for Team Science Success offers readers a comprehensive set of actionable strategies for reducing barriers and overcoming challenges and includes practical guidance for how to implement effective team science practices. More than 100 experts--including scientists, administrators, and funders from a wide range of disciplines and professions-- explain evidence-based principles, highlight state-of the-art strategies, tools, and resources, and share first-person accounts of how they've applied them in their own successful team science initiatives. While many examples draw from cross-disciplinary team science initiatives in the health domain, the handbook is designed to be useful across all areas of science. Strategies for Team Science Success will inspire and enable readers to embrace cross-disciplinary team science, by articulating its value for accelerating scientific progress, and by providing practical strategies for success. Scientists, administrators, funders, and others engaged in team science will also leave equipped to develop new policies and practices needed to keep pace in our rapidly changing scientific landscape. Scholars across the Science of Team Science (SciTS), management, organizational, behavioral and social sciences, public health, philosophy, and information technology, among other areas of scholarship, will find inspiration for new research directions to continue advancing cross-disciplinary team science. 

  • This book aims to help expand the pipeline for executive leaders at Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs), where there is a high turnover in leadership, particularly among HBCUs. The editors and their contributors examine leadership at MSIs from an anti-deficit approach and create and add to the scholarly discourse around effective leadership practices, models, and strategies for leaders at MSIs. With this approach, this book seeks to help leaders of MSIs increase their leadership capacities, which may help expand the pipeline of MSI leaders and equip them with the skills to be successful in their positions. 

  • This book takes the idea of distributing leadership in schools to a new level of understanding and practice. The authors address the complexities of leadership by putting forward two essential propositions. The first is the need to understand leadership as the outcome both of people's intentions and the complex flow of interactions in the daily life of schools. The second is the need to integrate values of social justice and democracy into our understanding of leadership. Building on this insight, the authors show how leadership can be truly collaborative. The book also combines practice, theory and research and draws on the authors' international experience.  
    This book is an invaluable resource for reflection and change for everyone who contributes to and studies leadership - senior leaders, teachers, support staff, students and researchers.